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City walk in Corona times
Picked up 6 people from a local company on an outdoor restaurant, guided in central Gothenburg and finished with a picnic. Outdoors and with good distance!
Røros, Norway.
2 busses 90 passengers. Rolfs Flyg & Buss.
Christmas market in northern Germany, Rolfs Flyg & Buss.
Venice, Italy
Excursion in the Venice lagoon, the picture is taken at Burano. Colorful houses so that the sailors will find home in the fog. Rolfs Flyg & Buss.
Tour leader Italy
18 days in Italy: Sorrento, Napoli, Pompeji, Amalfi, Capri, Ischia and Vico Equense. Travel agency: Rolfs Flyg & Buss.
Tour leader in the Rhine Valley
50 nice people from Sweden, one week by bus to the Rhine Valley in Germany with Rolfs Flyg & Buss.
American tourists on West Coast tour
Showed 15 nice American tourists the West Coast, stops at Klädesholmen and Skärhamn.
Youths from Hong Kong
Showed a group of 50 choral singers from Hong Kong the island Marstrand.
Gothenburg´s northern archipelago
44 American tourists, 4 boats and 4 guides. The ten islands tour with lunch at Hönö - Tullhuset.
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Røros, Norway.

2 busses 90 passengers. Rolfs Flyg & Buss.