As a professional Culture & Food guide, I help you plan your holiday or corporate event with inspiring and enriching experiences. I want to share my knowledge and passion for Gothenburg and the Swedish West Coast. Mainly I turn to groups of about 4 -12 people, friends or companies, to get the really genuine feeling but of course all sizes of groups are welcome!


Customized packages with personal touch. The theme is always History, Food and Drink.



Family reunion, friends or colleagues. We keep our distance and move outdoors, preferably on weekdays when there are less people in town. You "heat up" at the appropriate outdoor dining / picnic area, I pick up and guide you around 1-2 hours, maybe stop for a coffee or drink. Outdoor of course. Choose between Haga, Klippan or City centre. 1 to 8 people in the group.

SEK 1600 + VAT for companies, SEK 1600 incl VAT for private parties. 


Lännart Nilsson, born in Gothenburg, authorized Gothenburg guide, food lover, experienced world traveler as a tourist and as a businessman, bad golfer, hobby chef, small-boat owner and hobby fisherman.

I only work with the best: guide colleagues, travel agencies, restaurants, fishermen, catering companies, bus companies, fish and shellfish suppliers, oyster openers and other skilled people.

I guide in Swedish and English but my guide friends master most other languages. Contact


As your host I will plan for you the perfect Gothenburg and/or West Coast tour. A truly exceptional and inspiring tour with "gastronomic" breaks. 

Gothenburg, Marstrand, Tjörn, Tjolöholm or anywhere on the coast. Always in modern buses with experiences drivers. Contact

2-6 hours, perfect for 6-40 people. 


When you visit a new destination do you enjoy touring around with a professional guide? Do you like hearing the local perspective on the wonders of our world? If so, then my tours are a great choice for you. Whether it is walk, bus, boat or tram Your Host In Gothenburg is ready to serve your every need. From planning the detailed tour with nice culinary stops to providing transportation arrangements, all you need to do is sit back, relax, and let your mind explore. Contact


Not everyone knows that there are several wine producers in Sweden and one even in Gothenburg. I suggest we start with a 30 minute walk in central Gothenburg to get a quick overview of the city's history. Then one of my sommelier friends takes over and we try 5 Swedish wines along with Swedish cheeses. When the wine cellar is located in a historic house where for the first time you drank punch (arrak) in Sweden in the 1700s we finish with coffee and punch. Contact

2 hours, perfect for 10-20 people, Price example 1800 SEK + 450 SEK/person, excl. VAT


Locking to experience Gothenburg´s history, typical food and drinks with a local viewpoint? If you are, then this walk is a great option for you. Meatballs, aquavit & herring, half special, seafood, local beer, Fika and more. I will take care of all logistic of the walk planning. All you have to do is open your mind to a new experience. Just remember not to drive afterwards...

Interested in booking? Contact

2-3 hours, perfect for 6-12 people. Price example 1800 SEK + 400 SEK/person, excl. VAT


I have traveled all over the world and I think Gothenburg is superior in terms of seafood. Your Host In Gothenburg arranges everything you want with the sea as a theme: oyster opening, seafood buffet, crayfish party, cooking course, boat trips, shrimp on a cliff by the sea at sunset, crayfish fishing, seaweed safari, sea trout fishing, Smörgåsbord with herrings from the west coast, lunch in Feskekörka (Fish church) or a visit to the Gothenburg fish auction in the harbor (at 7 in the morning!)

The possibilities are many. Contact

Backeskärsgatan 7, 421 59 Västra Frölunda, Sweden

Member of Gothenburg Guide Club, FGAG (United authorized Gothenburg guides), SveGuide, FEG, VISITA and Inter Nordic Guide Club

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